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Divorcing couples often find that a great deal of conflict arises when dealing with property division issues, including determining how to share resources acquired during the marriage.  Property division can be highly complex, and creative solutions and lawyering can make a critical difference.

At the Law Office of Ronald K Ziff, he believes you need to work with an experienced and knowledgeable attorney who understands how to structure the division of property to achieve your goals.  Some assets are not easily divided 50/50.  While a court will attempt to divide the property equally, whether you are submitting these decisions to a court or are attempting to negotiate an agreement, you need to understand, seek and agree to a division that addresses how you will pay for assets, cover debts, use an asset to maintain an income stream, and many other issues.  Mr. Ziff can help you understand the law and make realistic choices.  He can help you understand where you may need to consult with a financial advisor to achieve your goals.

Mr. Ziff knows how California law affects property issues and he can help you understand how you may be affected.  He can discuss your options and no matter what stage you are in, how those options may affect your interests now and in the future.  How each spouse handles his or her fiduciary duties can also affect how a court divides property, and the current law is such that good advice on these issues is crucial.

Mr. Ziff often encourages settlement when couples divide property and debts, because settlement allows them greater control over the outcome than they would otherwise have at trial.  When a judge makes the ultimate decision, the couple may be stuck with a decision that neither party thinks is appropriate. However, a court may need to make the final decision, and some assets are really worth fighting for.  Mr. Ziff will take action to maximize your results.

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Family law is a unique area of law involving many complicated financial circumstances. Some of the most complex are often related to business interests that are affected when couples divorce.

At the Law Office of Ronald K. Ziff, Mr. Ziff represents spouses in the complex property division related to their businesses, including family-owned businesses, professional practices, franchises, LLCs, LLPs, corporations and other business entities that may have been acquired, operated or contributed to during the marriage. He helps clients avoid being unnecessarily responsible for certain debts, and protect property that is not subject to division under California law. He will help you identify which assets and debts do not belong to the community, and which do. Some assets belong to both.

Business division is complex in California, and it can be nearly impossible to predict the exact outcome without a careful analysis of the facts. He will take the time to evaluate your situation, identify the appropriate approach and take effective action to protect your interests. He stays up to date on California law, and through his contacts in related areas such as real estate and business trends, he can provide you with the fullest understanding of the issues you may confront.

401(k)s, Pensions, QDROs And Other Employee Benefits

For many couples, their retirement savings are their greatest assets. During a divorce, it can be easy to forget their importance because the money does not become readily available until later in life. Making compromises regarding a 401(k), pension or IRA can seem like a good idea in the short term, but can have a great effect on your future. At the Law Office of Ronald K Ziff, he protects your long-term interests in retirement savings and other employee benefits. More than just reassigning property, the division of these assets may, for example, affect future support.

Other Assets And Debts

In these uncertain economic times, debt may be a big issue for your family. Under California community property laws, debts acquired during the marriage are the responsibility of both parties — regardless of which party took out loans or charged up the credit card. It can take creative solutions and effective lawyering, including using negotiated settlements or mediation, to resolve debt-related disputes efficiently and effectively. At the Law Office of Ronald K. Ziff, he has the experience necessary to handle disputes related to division of debt and other complex assets, including family heirlooms, sentimental items and valuable collections.

California Community Property Laws

Mr. Ziff is well-connected to a network of professionals in finance and real estate who can assist him in effectively resolving even the most complex property division matters such as business division. By maintaining ongoing relationships with professionals in related fields, his clients can take advantage of the support of related disciplines as appropriate.

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