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Enforcement of Orders and Judgments

When a family law case of any kind is finished in the court, whether the matter was completed by agreement as a stipulated order or a ruling made by a judge what the parties end up with is court order or judgment.  Most people most of the time follow court orders but often times this is not the case.  When that happens there are special rules and law that allow for court orders to be enforced. If there is judgment or court order for amount of money due you are entitled to interest on the amount due at the “legal rate” of 10% from the date the money was required to be paid.   Money can be taken out of a person’s wages  checks to satisfy judgments, property can be sold by the Sheriff at auction and money applied to amounts owed under the court order or judgment, penalties can be assessed for non payment of support obligations.  Mr. Ziff  can help you understand the various options for enforcing judgments and court orders and can help you select the method which is most effective and cost efficient to get you what you are owed.  

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