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Mediation can provide a safe and efficient way to resolve matters through mutual agreement. It is the only completely confidential method of resolution.  Whether you have been ordered to participate in mediation or whether you are interested because you heard mediation works, turning to the Law Office of Ronald K. Ziff can help you achieve your goals.   Mr. Ziff serves as a neutral family law and divorce mediator, helping parties work together to resolve their conflicts.  His goal is to bring both parties to consensus on delicate matters, including property division and child custody disputes.

By participating in private mediation, parties are able to resolve conflicts with Mr. Ziff’s assistance.  Many people who go through mediation tell him that they are pleased with the outcome and with the control they had in the mediation process.  Because they participated in creating the solution, they are more likely to be invested in seeing it go forward.  They find the ability to resolve conflict has helped them continue relationships as co-parents in a healthy manner.

Attorney Guiding Clients Through Mediation

Mr. Ziff represents clients in mediation, guiding them through the process so that they can efficiently and effectively resolve conflicts with others, including ex-spouses and co-parents.  Mr. Ziff ensures that his clients are protected in mediation. If mediation is not the best approach, he has the resources, knowledge and experience necessary to accomplish your goals in the courtroom.

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