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Ronald K. Ziff represents people whose lives have been affected by domestic violence or false allegations of domestic violence.  Each of these cases is different, but the effects of domestic violence restraining orders can be life-changing, both for those who obtain them and for those who are restrained.  It is crucial for all involved to act quickly and promptly to obtain legal advice in order to understand the consequences.  Mr. Ziff helps his clients do both.

Restraining Orders In Southern California

Restraining orders are serious and significantly alter the course of family law proceedings in almost all areas.  Without any notice to a restrained party, a temporary restraining order can result in a complete change in custody of your children, or completely prevent access to the children by the restrained parent.  This can be appropriate or devastating, and Mr. Ziff can help you with these difficult effects.

Restraining orders may also impact support, the right to live in the family home, and matters outside the family law case such as the ability to posses a firearm, as well as immigration matters.  Most of these orders are required to be entered in the CLETS system, a computerized law enforcement tracking system. This can possibly lead to unintended effects in the workplace.

Parents have a responsibility to protect their children and under California law, the responsibility to ensure continuous and frequent contact with the other parent.  Children who may feel safe with both parents often get caught in the middle.  Mr. Ziff can help you balance these competing responsibilities.

Taking a child-centered approach to the practice of law, Mr. Ziff effectively represents clients in domestic violence situations in which children are involved. His extensive experience makes him well qualified to handle these complex matters.

Sometimes parents under the stress of a break up or significant problem in the relationship can act in ways they would not otherwise imagine themselves or their partners acting. Even if this is the case and ultimately leads to a restraining order, or monitored visitation with your child, Mr. Ziff can help you get your family back on track.  He works with many professionals.  He will keep you informed on how best to help your family in this very difficult type of situation.

These orders cannot be taken lightly and even minor violations can have far-reaching results. Delay in obtaining a restraining order when appropriate or in responding to one can significantly change the outcome. One of the most difficult things about restraining orders is how quickly they can be issued, often without any notice. If you are considering requesting a restraining order of if you have been served, you need immediate legal assistance. Mr. Ziff can help at any stage of the proceedings

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